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Sanaa lathan dating denzel washington

He has recently executed a successful, high-profile drug bust that turned up $550,000 in drug money.

The Drug Enforcement Administration agents call the next day to get the payment in order to bust a higher drug lord using currency serial numbers, Matt responds erratically.

He also finds about a person whom Anne has been visited by.

He finds that the money is with that guy and that Alex is about to bust him.

They first met in 1977 while Denzel was on his first acting job, so he was not so famous at that time.

The job was for a TV movie known as “Wilma.” Denzel and Pauletta got married in 1983 and currently have 4 beautiful children between them.

Later when Matt is on medical leave, Alex visits him and says she has decided to drop the divorce and move back with Matt.

Chae also brings news that Matt owns 1 million USD, which is Anne's insurance.

He was born in Mount Vernon, New York, on December 28, 1954.