Start Dating your boss

Dating your boss

While this shouldn’t be your motivation for pursuing a relationship, dating the boss has career advantages.

Employees who take pride in their appearance are more likely to get better assignments and be promoted.

No one wants a sloppy employee representing their company, so keep paying attention to your appearance, even if your crush won’t be in the office that day.

If things don’t work out between you and your boss, things could get ugly.

It’s bad enough you’ll have to see each other every day after the breakup, but also keep in mind your boss could retaliate if your relationship goes down in flames.

While dating the boss could be a good move for your career, it could also work the other way around.

If you and your boss went against company policy and decided to date each other anyway, you could risk hurting your career in the long run.

Once you and your supervisor start getting serious, his or her contacts will now become your contacts.