Start Dating the pastor

Dating the pastor

(You can request to join here.) 10 things that will very likely shape the kind of woman you will become over the course of your lifetime. Your husband doesn’t have to be perfect, and neither do your children.

Hardly before I knew what I was going to say, I opened my mouth and out came the words: After the retreat was over, my sister commented, “I liked your answer, Kristy. If you’re a ministry wife searching for community and a safe place to be encouraged and understood, please consider joining my private Facebook group for pastor’s wives.

If your heart longs for a mentor, please check out my posts on Biblical mentoring here.

I read a lot, try to implement what I’m learning, and seek sound, Biblical counseling when there are issues in my life that I can’t work through on my own.

He is a single man who allegedly had sex that resulted in a child.

This is hardly a unique occurrence.” “Then there are those, who say Bryant has gone too far.

He is a man, yes, but also a minister, and should be held to a higher standard," wrote D'Oyley.

"This camp would say that Bryant's repeated lack of sexual self-control distracts from his ministry.

Only when your marriage and home life are healthy can you truly begin to invite others into that safe place for mentoring and influence.