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Dating fender utah speakers

Contrary to popular belief, the GP did not stand for "General Purpose." GP was a Ford engineering term, "G" for a government contract vehicle and "P" for 80-inch-wheelbase Reconaissance Car. Very much different than the later MB, the MA featured a column shift and a host of other detail changes that put it between the Quad and the MB.

It even communicates with the driver when something is going wrong within the vehicle and connects directly to 911 if the airbags deploy. While some drivers are singing Sync’s praises, there are others who think their Sync stinks.

There is even a message board where consumers gripe daily about the issues with their Sync unit, seeking answers to their problems.

But like the Bantam, the Pygmy fell victom to the Quad's more powerful engine.

The vehicle shown, owned by the Alabama Center for Military History, is the actual Pygmy that was tested at Holabird in 1940.

If Bantam Number One marked the beginning of the Jeep era, the Quad marked the beginning of Willys' dominance of the series.

Specifications: Engine 134ci 4 cal L-head side valve "Go Devil" Horsepower 60bhp @ 4000rpm (Other sources say 62-65 bhp) Torque 105 pound-feet @ 2000 rpm Transmission 3 speed synchromesh Warner Gear T84 Transfer case Spicer Dana 18 two speed (same as Bantam) Gear Shift Mounted on steering column Axles Spicer Dana 4.88:1 23-2 rear, Dana 25 front (same as Bantam) Wheelbase 80 inches Weight 2,423 lbs.

Dropped calls, poor reception, incorrect music data, electrical problems, the navigation system is inoperable…..frustrated Ford drivers have called the 1-800 LEMON LAW hotline with all sort of Sync dilemmas.