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Brian mcfadden dating 2016

He revealed all about his relationship in an interview with Sunday People, ‘I like a person for who they are, not what they do or where they are from.’‘We’ve been together over a year and it’s very serious.

"I hated being on my own, I was terrified of being on my own", she said of being single at first, adding: "I love it now, I'm enjoying it and I think people find it quite weird that I'm enjoying being single".

" Williams answered: "Well we sat and spoke to each other for 7/8 hours…

It depends on who you go out with, I wouldn’t make a habit out of it." Mc Fadden and Williams wed in Florence, Italy in 2012, and announced that they were separating in July 2015.

After leaving Westlife in 2004, Brian achieved his debut solo Number 1 single with ‘Real To Me’ with the song being one of Europe’s most played singles that year, going Number 1 in 5 European territories.