Start Android google calendar widget not updating

Android google calendar widget not updating

The i OS 10 design provides you with quick access to all your information without logging in and opening each of the apps.

If you encounter this issue, your best bet is to sign out of your i Cloud account.

Open the news widget next and set it up as if it is a brand new account, then sign into your i Cloud to complete. Your preferences and favorites get reset when you do this and for some reason, that fixes the issue.

After reinstalling and launching the app, check if the widget functions normally.

We explain how to sync Google and Outlook calendars, and workarounds so you don't have to.

On both of our Red Mi Notes (HM Note1W, ROM MIUI-JHDCNBF30.0, MIUI 5) has a rather annoying problem in that the widgets do not update after the phone has been asleep. I have a clock/weather widget on the front screen, and the time is usually wrong. If I open the widget, then close it, the time usually updates (depending on the widget).

I had the same problem with an IP camera app widget (Tinycam Monitor Pro).

I have several other android devices, and on all of those the widgets works just fine - ie refresh at the right time.